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Phosphate Free Fertilizer:

Phosphate is very important to new lawns. After the second year you do not need fertilizer that contains phosphate. Most of the chemical simply washes away and gets into our lake and stream system promoting algae growth in lakes. Using phosphate free fertilizer will help to minimize the amount of algae growth. This will help you enjoy the lakes year round. Contact us to learn more about phosphate free fertilizer.

       New Lawn Care Guide:

~Moisture is key    ~Keep Mower Sharp   ~Bag Early Clippings    ~Avoid Traffic   

~Avoid Pet Use   ~Watch for Disease and Rodent Problems  ~No Weed Kill Till the Third Year

Fall is fast approaching. Fertilize before the next rain to promote healthy growth.

How Do I Prepare My Lawn For Winter?

The most important thing you can do for your lawn is the winter fertilizer. Giving your lawn nutrients to get through the winter
will help you have a lush and green lawn early in the spring and help prevent weeds next year. Treating your lawn with lime in
fall is also helpful to create a lush green lawn in spring. Lime helps balance the soil ph and also helps eliminate brown patches
from pets or other animals. Before winter cut your lawn very low to about 1 inch or less, bagging or racking the clipping is
encouraged.  Do a check for vole or mole activity, you can check by looking near the foundation of the house, around berms,
or near planting beds. Look for tunnels or humps in your soil that indicate activity. If you find activity stop in and get some vole
 traps to help eliminate the vermin.

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